BCM325 DA Beta

I have made some changes in my version about my topic. The format that I approach will still be video series but instead of trilogy I will only contain 2 parts. The first part is focus on the technological side and the second part is focus on the human and society side. And according to my project plan, I already uploaded the first part of the video in week 9 (DA Beta). The second part of my video will upload in week 12 (DA Final). I will make sure everything includes blog posts, videos and references posted to the public before the final deadline. I will make sure to maintain my high quality of work before the final submission, and seek for more public engagement. 

The blog post and YouTube link:

6 replies on “BCM325 DA Beta”

Hi Jeffery,
your DA is a hot topic nowadays, I found it interesting because we have used more and more online shops, and I think it is going to become a trend in a short time, I am looking forward to seeing the second part of your DA, seeing more about how the future shopping will be. I think you can do a bit compare of online shopping and in-store shopping, telling people what benefit will they have by doing online shopping instead.

here is an article I found that may help you doing some compare of two shopping way,, hope it could help you. Good luck!

JAIN, A. S. (2020, May 4). Top 10 Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Shopping. Retrieved March 18, 2021, from


Hi Jeffrey,

Your topic about the future of online shopping is quite interesting as lots of people nowadays are doing online shopping through various websites. It is a very good time to research about the future of online shopping so that the public can be aware of what they might be expecting from the online shopping in the future. However, I saw that you have done research about shopping VS future of online shopping. I would recommend you to focus on how online shopping is today vs how it will be in the future rather than talking about in-store shopping because your topic is more about online shopping. You can talk about how will online shopping enhance and how will it affect the people’s behavior. Also, I think you should talk about how will the future of online shopping will affect people in a positive or negative way. Furthermore, you should give some examples of how the future of online shopping will look like? will it be something related to Artificial Intelligence? Or cyborgs? Moreover, I recommend you talk about what the futurist said about the future in our lecture notes. Lastly, I have suggested you some articles by google scholar which I think will help you with your final Digital Artifact research. Good Luck!!

Nagra, G., & Gopal, R. (2013). An study of Factors Affecting on Online Shopping Behavior. Retrieved from

Rigby, D. K. (2011). The Future of Shopping. Retrieved from

Wang, M. S., Chen, C. C., & Chang, S. C. (2007). Effects of Online Shopping Attitudes, Subjective Norms and Control Beliefs on Online Shopping Intentions: A Test of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Retrieved from


Hi Jeffery, your topic is interesting and I love it. It’s very related to me and others as a shopaholic. It’s also good to see there’s the public utility of the project and the feedback loop. I think you can take a look at those comments and check if there’s something you can respond to or show in the upcoming series of your DA.
Moreover, I think it’s better to look for some scholar resources about technology advancement and virtual shopping. Or you may find some futurists like Nikola Tesla who is mentioned in the lecture and talking about future virtuality that may shape the future of online shopping. Here’re some references that I found and hope can help with your project.
Shah Kazmi, SSA, Hassan, M, Khawaj, SA & Falindah Padlee, S 2021, ‘The Use of AR Technology to Overcome Online Shopping Phobia: A Systematic Literature Review’, International journal of interactive mobile technologies, vol. 15, no. 5, p. 127–.


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